Learn the powerful life-giving medicines and vitality Mother Earth provides with herbs and plants used from thousands of years.
Breathe in the fresh mountain air in our Back-to- Nature Mountain Retreat at 5 Heaven.
Explore the quaint farms and houses by Trekking through the Beautiful Mountains.
Discover and hike to the little-explored caves and Waterfalls sprinkled across 5 Heaven.
Get back in touch with Nature; Respect and Gratitude for all the earth provides to fulfill our needs.

We believe in learning from our Teacher Mother Nature

5 Heaven:  A place where knowledge meets nature.   Learn how to be young & beautiful again in this forgotten university we are all entitled to called "Nature".   Cure over 300 chronic illnesses & study about the abundance of life & wealth provided by Mother Nature.

5 heaven wonders

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Nature, our Teacher

" Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. "     - Albert Einstein

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