Learn the powerful life-giving medicines and vitality Mother Earth provides with herbs and plants used from thousands of years.
Breathe in the fresh mountain air in our Back-to- Nature Mountain Retreat at 5 Heaven.
Explore the quaint farms and houses by Trekking through the Beautiful Mountains.
Discover and hike to the little-explored caves and Waterfalls sprinkled across 5 Heaven.
Get back in touch with Nature; Respect and Gratitude for all the earth provides to fulfill our needs.

We believe in learning from our Teacher Mother Nature

5 Heaven:  A place where knowledge meets nature.   Learn how to be young & beautiful again in this forgotten university we are all entitled to called "Nature".   Cure over 300 chronic illnesses & study about the abundance of life & wealth provided by Mother Nature.

5 heaven wonders

5 Heaven's Playground

5Heaven evolved from a small regular farmer’s house up in the mountain of Cebu, Philippines. It is a hidden University of Nature with vast knowledge to be understood. Here you can learn how to threat cancer, learn to dance, how to build a business and list on the stock exchange.

Learning from mother nature helps us see the truth from the otherwise confusing city life. Here is where you come and find yourself, find knowledge and wisdom.

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Our Ideals

Positive Thinking, Believe, Giving, Gratitude And Collaboration is the keys to unlock the secrets of Wealth, Health, Beauty, Happiness And Wisdom

Think, believe and achieve all the 5 wealth in life by practicing giving, gratitude and collaboration.

Taking ownership of our own thought and decide the goal you want to achieve in life.

When we were born we were already all given the most powerful gift from our creator. The ability to achieve what every we want to achieve by taking ownership of our own thought, believe and practicing giving, gratitude and collaboration.

Your mind is like a empty farm land, you shall reap what you sow. If you plant many apple tree, it will produce many apple for you. If you plant many poison ivy, you will have many poison ivy in your farm. You brain or farm do not care what you plant. It will just give you what you plant. If you think and believe positive that you will be rich, healthy, beautiful, happy and wise, you will achieve that in life. If you think and believe negative, that you are destine to have a hard life, you will have a hard life.

Many people around you will always try to plant their thought in your farm, they will say your boss is not good enough, fire him or your husband maybe cheating on you, what you do will never work, you will fail, you cannot do this and you cannot do that. You are taking a salary, why work so hard?, lets go have some fun, you can always finish your work tomorrow. John is so stupid, do you know what he did? Negative, Gossip gossip gossip. And yet you wonder why you are not successful.

Don't get stuck in negative, unproductive everyday conversation that sow negative seed in your mind. Instead change the conversation to be positive. You can ask, do you know what is the best food to keep us slim, do you know what is the procedure to list a company on the stock exchange. Even a janitor, you can ask, do you know what is the best way to clean the floor etc.


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Nature, our Teacher

" Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. "     - Albert Einstein

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